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Lifting height of max 3,75 mtr


The int-208-High-3.75 is a parkinglift with a max liftingheight
of 3,75 mtr. It can be used to go to a second store or to a basement .
The capacity is 3000 kg , so it can have most of the passenger cars.
Because the motorunit is not on the crossbeam but un the side of
the runway, you can drive on and off the lift easy. .
the Motorunit and electrabox (together in a case ) goes up together
with the platform so there are no loose hoses and wires , all is neatly
hidden in the lift.
This lift is provided with metal intermediate plates between the lanes
This gives a closed platform of nearly 2000 mm x 5000 mm .
The middle plates can be loaded..


The loadable middle plates

are also removable

Motorunit box on the
side of the runway

Folding ramps,
loading height only 11 cm


Extra strong columns for a
stable lifting.


mounting plates at the 2 columns on the 2e floor side with holes to easily
mount the lift to the 2e floor (for stability)



Extra long aluminium ramps
special for extra low cars
2.0 mtr long with a handle
set of 2 incl. brackets




       Technical data 
Capacity                        3000 kg
lifting height                  3,6 / 3,75 mtr
Power                            230 volt 1ph
Fuse                              16C(traag)
Operation                     elektro/hydrauliek
Color                            grijs Ral 7011
Locking                        Automatisch elke 10 cm



€ 5.750, =                                  int-208-high-3,7  4 Post Parkinglift 
€    250, =                                  Transport
€    850,=                                   installation

€    350,=                                   Set of 2 extra long aluminium ramps

                                                          All prices are excl. VAT



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