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extra large 



2150 mm lifting height
3500 kg capacity ,220 volt/1ph electr/hydraulic

The int-208-XLT Double Parker is the same lift as the int-208SE, however
a larger version, the int-208-XLT is not only longer (50 cm) and
wider (20 cm) but
can also lift up to 2.10 meters high that is 20 cm higher than the standard model.
Which is especially ideal for storing higher cars. But also for the longer ones
lanes and wider drive-through, it is also very suitable for large "Americans"
The int-208-XLT is a 4-post lift (parking lift) though
tested and certified as a workshop lift, we sell this lift it
mostly for double parking due to lack of space, so 2 cars on site
of 1. Especially in the classiccar world this is a widely used solution, too
because most classiccar enthusiasts also like to work on their classiccar.
But this lift is also very popular in other areas as an extra parking space.
such as lease companies, car companies, fleet owners.
Use at home by private individuals is also common, due to the space above
to use in the garage there can still be 2 cars inside or as in
many cases: the classic car on top of the bridge in the winter months and the
weekday car just below.
The attractive low price of this lift makes it ideal for home use.
The lift can possibly be moved using the optional wheelset.
The brackets with wheels are hung under the joists, in every corner,
the lift is lowered and the 4 columns are released from the ground, the bridge
stands on 4 swivel wheels and is therefore very easy to move and move around
Provided with the latest CE certification, the lift is for sale in the EC
(see the photos below with pop-ups for the different CE requirement)




By the special version of the ramps, the entrance
of the ramps is very beneficail for low cars .
Because the ramps can be folded in half, it gives
extra space under and infron of the lift.
The ramps provide a exit security ,when the lift is


Emergency switch: on / off
Up: Lift lifts to desired height.
Down lock: Lift drops in the next lock
Down: Lift first goes up a few cm then
can be unlocked and lowered automatically.
Lift drops to foot protection switch, stops and gives an alarm signal
by pressing Down lock now, the lift drops to the floor




Each column is equipped with automatic
locking, these click in at every 10 cm
that the lift is higher, so the lift is always
protects against unwanted lowering. In the event of a cable break
or hydraulic leakage the lift can lower max 10 cm
and then blocked.
With normal lowering, the locks become
automatically unlocked and released so that
the lift lowers all the way to the floor

also suitable for a boat, for example


Slack-cable device



Because the lift is provided on all 4 corners
of a slack cable protection, or
security, the lift will stop immediately as soon as
one of the corners willget stuck and does not lower
in line with the others

Adjustable limit switch so that lift height
can be set.
Foot protection switch. When descending stops
the lift at a height of 20 cm, again at
pressing down the lift continues with
alarm signal


Oil drip trays

Each lift is supplied with 3 dripping trays




anti-slip-off protection.

Ensures that the cable cannot run off the wheel



Protective cover protects wheel and cable



Motor unit concealed in platform.
Goes up and down, none
loose hoses and wires.
lift does not get wider due to motor unit


Lower valve is always possible
be operated by hand
(in case of emergency)

Main switch with
key lockable





set of 6 fixtures incl. connection-mounting set



Set of 4 wheels to move the lift


Extra long aluminium ramps
special for extra low cars
2.0 mtr long with a handle
set of 2 incl. brackets


Oildrip tray

  oildrip tray 95 x 63 cm
to close the open space between the runways 

you need a extra 4 trays to close the complete lift 



                 Technical Data
load                                         3000 kg
lifting height                           2100 mm
current                                    230 volts 1ph
fuse                                         16C (slow)
operation                                electro / hydraulic
color                                       gray Ral 7011
lock                                        Automatically every 10 cm



€ 2.350, =                            int-208-XLT 4-post parking lift
€    250,=                             Transport
€    450,=                             Installation

€    250,=                            Casterset

€    295 =                             LED lighting (6 x luminaires a 115 cm long
                                            3.5 cm high and 2 cm wide
                                            incl remote control and mounting set)
€       12,50                          oil drip tray 95 x 63 cm

€     350,=                           Set of 2 extra long Aluminium ramps

                    All prices are excluding VAT





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