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int-2 post-triple 

2 Post parkinglift  3 high carstacker

Hot-dip galvanized and suitable for outdoor use



4000 kg Capacity (2 x 2000)

230 Volt , Hydraulic

The int-2 post-triple is a very compact solution for parking
of 3 cars in 1 place, one above the other.
The closed platforms make entry and exit very easy.
This also gives good protection against leakage of the above cars
With only 4854 mm long, 2604 mm wide and 5647 mm high.
1st parking space p [the ground is 2100 mm high
2nd parking space is 1650 mm high
3rd parking space is 1650 mm high
The motor unit is in a separate cabinet which
can be placed on the ground behind the bridge
The control box can be placed in different places
eg mounted on a wall or on the column.
Bridge must be fixed on a good flat floor
and because of the cross connection above the bridge it is one
very stable design.
The upper platform, which is slightly shorter, drops to the lower one
so that a low ramp height remains.
see photos below and video

The top platform 

lowersdown on the lowerer one

When lifting, the upper platform first rises to 1650 mm.

Then both platforms go
simultaneously up to the maximum height



The lift is completely hot-dip galvanized and suitable for outdoor use
the protective covers over the cylinders and chains
for a sleek finish


Each platform is at the maximum height
locked with automatic locks

The small control box can be mounted in various places




                Technical Data

Capacity                                      2 x 2000 kg
Power                                          230 volt 1ph
Fuse                                            16C(slow)
workway                                      elektro/hydraulic
Color                                           Silver
locking                                        Automatic 





€ 7.250,=                                 int-2post Triple
€    350,=                                 Transport
€    950,=                                 instalation





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