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4 post  platform parkinglift

3000 kg 



The int-208-Platform is a parking lift with completely closed and load-bearing capacity
platform. Easy to ride with a low ramp height (10 cm)
suitable for low cars.
due to the location of the 4 columns the doors of the car can be completely
be opened and one has good free access to the car
clear height of 1800 mm also good for the higher car.
The motor unit and electrical cabinet are concealed in the platform so that they are not in the
 way, as with most 4 column lifts (on the pole)
the lift needs the least space (no loose hoses and wires).
The int-208 Platform is easy and quick to install.


Closed platform, easy to drive and lower car stays clean
Lifting capacity is 3000 kg so also suitable for larger cars such as SUV or Van


Automatic locks for
safe and reliable storage of your
cars. The lift locks  every 10 cm
in the locked, so the lift can be
stay at different heights for a long time
stand with a car on it.


Motor unit and electrical box concealed in
the platform. No loose hoses or
pipes, this makes it possible to

have the lift as narrow as possible.


Low driveon height, also very suitable for lowered cars.
Easy to get in and out, there are no columns in the way

Free height of 1800 mm
almost all cars fit under a the lift


24 Volt


Limit switch and
foot protection switch



                   Technical Data
load                                      3000 kg
lifting height                        1900 mm
current                                 230 volts 1ph
fuse                                      16C (slow)

operation                             electro / hydraulic  
color                                    gray Ral 7011
lock                                     Automatically every 10 cm




€ 2.550,=                              int-208-Platform
€ 450,=                                 installation
€ 250,=                                 Transport

€ 295, =                                LED lighting (6 x luminaires a 115 cm long
                                             3.5 cm high and 2 cm wide
                                             incl remote control and mounting set)
€ 20, =                                 metal oil drip tray 120 x 63 cm

All prices are excluding VAT






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