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  2500 kg 



The int-turn platform is a low platform on castors with a
pivot point in the center of the platform.
The low ramp height of 10 cm makes it easy to drive on
with the plastic lightweight ramps.
A car with a wheelbase of max. 3.4 meters can be placed on the platform
By pushing against the car, the platform will turn with the car,
and is simply pushed around by 1 man on a smooth surface.
the int-turn platform can be used for common problems

- Take photos of cars to be sold. Car can remain in place
after each photo the car can rotate a little further for a new photo
so you do not have to constantly move the car or a place with
use a lot of space to walk around the car

-With a sharp turn in your garden or garage, e.g. to basement elevator

-In garden: imagine you have a garden on a busy road, you can park the car
easy drive forward in the yard (parking lot) but if you
 want to ride out of the garden again, you must reverse the busy road
on driving with all the inconveniences this entails,  
you simply drive on int-turn platform forward on the platform
If you want to drive away again, turn the platform and you can
easily drive on the busy road and you have
unobstructed view of the road to be driven









int-Turn-platform                                                        € 1.450,=

extra floor frame for uneven ground                          €    350,=

Transport                                                                    €    200,=

                                                               All prices are excl.VAT



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