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4 Post parkinglift

3 small cars on top and  2 cars under



2100 mm Lifting height 
2 x 2500 kg Capacity
230 volt/1ph elektr/hydraulic


By turning the int-XLT-2 + 2 model a quarter turn, metal center plates and
use separate ramps. Is the room between te posts larger and there is more space in the
width to park, for example, 3 small cars on top of the lift
The lift is, as it were,  
driven from the side, due to the load-bearing cover between the carriageways, is created in this way a large platform of 4700 mm wide and 3900 mm deep.
The headroom under the lift is a maximum of 2100 mm,  
it can be locked every 10 cm.


The bridge has all the necessary safety certification such as:
- auto lock
- slack cable protection
- limit switch
- foot protection switch
- 24 volt control voltage
- anti-drain protection for the cables
- motor and electro box concealed in platform
- small control box on the front post
- emergency stop
- simple electrical control with plug-in modules (easy to replace in the event of a fault)
- works on 230 volts
- color dark gray Ral 7011
- Ramps can be stored in the lanes



Extra long aluminium ramps
special for extra low cars
2.0 mtr long with a handle
set of 2 incl. brackets

Easy to stock in runway

stays with the lift and is not in the way


                Tecnical data
Capacity                                    5000 kg
lifting height                              2100 mm
Power                                        230 volt 1ph
Fuse                                           16C(traag)
Operation                                  elektro/hydrauliek
Color                                         Grau Ral 7011
Locking                                     Automatisch jede 10 cm



€ 4.100,=                                             int-XLT 2+3
€    250,=                                             Transport
€    750.=                                             installation
€     295,=                                            LED lighting (6 x luminaires                                                                               a 115 cm long 3.5 cm high and 2 cm wide
                                                            incl remote control and assembly kit)
€       20, =                                          metal oil collection plate 120 x 63 cm

€     350,=                                           Set of 2 extra long aluminium ramps

All prices are excluding VAT




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